We offer:

  • Domain Registration
  • WordPress Website Hosting

Originally established in 2005 for the exclusive hosting of DesignCanada.ca clients, our hosting has now grown to include hosting of websites for other designers and small business owners who need a reliable and accessible WordPress hosting company. With the continual growth in the popularity of WordPress since 2003 (74,652,825 sites now using WordPress as the backbone), we now specialize in hosting WordPress CMS websites ONLY. As a WordPress specialty hosting company we understand the special needs of our WordPress clients, and our Canadian technicians are the best at what they do.

At Design Hosting, we have geared up our security for these WordPress websites and keep our server security up-todate. To enhance the speed of your WordPress website, if requested we can position your website on its own IP address (our Gold and Platinum hosting levels). Many other hosting companies have websites sharing an IP, and if there are 130 or more other websites on the same IP, when some of these websites get busy it will slow down YOUR website.

We offer a high level of personal support to our clients via email or over the phone. We are small enough to have a direct relationship with our clients but large enough to ensure that all our client’s needs are met. We are the solution for those of you who wish to have a WordPress website and be in direct contact with the hosting company owner. If you have a designer for your website we will be happy to work with them to ensure that your newly designed website is given the best hosting available. We believe in good communication with our clients and excellent customer service is a priority. Our knowledge and level of WordPress service is one of the reasons why most designers prefer to work with us.

Our sister company DesignCanada.ca offers a complete range of graphic design for WordPress CMS websites and a full selection of print media. Check out DesignCanada.ca for a complete marketing package for your small business providing both online and print exposure.